Rocket Pool ETH (rETH)

Rocket Pool ETH (rETH) is a popular liquid staking token that arose largely due to concerns with Lido's limited amount of node operators. If the leading liquid staking providers colluded, they could potentially submit malicious transactions through a 51% attack. Since decentralization is paramount for many ETH holders, rETH quickly gained popularity.

Rocket Pool allows anyone to become a validator with just 8 ETH and RPL tokens as collateral. RPL is used as collateral to ensure node operators are aligned with rETH stakers and the Rocket Pool protocol. By running a validator node through Rocket Pool, users receive elevated yield compared to holding rETH alone.

While Rocket Pool doesn't take a fee directly, node operators receive variable commissions for their service. Unlike stETH, users' Rocket Pool ETH balance does not grow. Instead, the value of rETH increases relative to ether as validator rewards are accrued.

Key FactsText


Rocket Pool

Minimum Accepted Collateral

0.01 ETH, 8 ETH for node operators

Node Operators



5% - 20%

APR (as of May 2023)

4% - 7%




Number of Holders

Over 13,000 as of May, 2023

You can read our risk report of Rocket Pool ETH here.

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