Collateral Proposal

Use this template as a guide for writing a proposal for new collateral assets for OUSD (new OETH collateral options are currently paused due to the SOETH proposal)


What is the name of the collateral proposal?


Who wrote/contributed to the collateral proposal?

Create date:

When was the collateral proposal created?


One sentence summarizing the collateral proposal


Add links to:

  • project

  • project website

  • CoinGecko/CMC

  • whitepaper

  • docs/Gitbook

  • source code/Github

  • Ethereum addresses

  • number of holders

  • price oracle(s)

  • audits


Add links, with number of followers/members:

  • Twitter

  • Discord

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • Reddit

  • Youtube

Key LST Fact (OETH only)

Fill in each if possible

  • Issuer of the LST

  • Miniumum accepted collateral

  • Number of node operators

  • Performance/management fee

  • APY (as of June 2023)


When did the stablecoin/LST launch?

What was the peak TVL?

Where else is the stablecoin/LST used as collateral?

Smart Contract Practices

Can anyone mint the stablecoin/LST?

Do the contracts use any proxies?

Are the contracts upgradable?

Is there a timelock?

Add any other relevant information on the smart contracts.


How many audits has the stablecoin/LST gone through?

Which critical issues were uncovered?

How were the issues fixed/mitigated?

Which issues have not been fixed and why?

Don't forget to include information on slashing!

Previous Hacks

Has the project suffered a hack or exploit in the past?

When did this happen?

How did it happen?

Did the event lead to a loss of user funds?

How were affected users compensated?

What has changed since the event?

Bug Bounty

Does the project maintain an active bug bounty? Please share any relevant links

Peg Stability to stablecoin/ETH

Does the stablecoin/ETH have the capability to maintain its peg to ETH or other stablecoin?

How often does it de-peg?

When was the last major de-peg?

Liquidity & Composability

Can users exit the stablecoin/LST with sufficient liquidity in dire situations? There should be at least $100M liquidity available to be considered an option - if there is not, explain why.


(Likely OETH only) What kind of validator rewards can the LST generate? Feel free to use this format, with X as base APY, Y as bonus APY, and Z as the bonus tokens:

stETH: XXX% + YYY% in ZZZ

Defi Integrations

Where is the stablecoin/LST currently supported in Defi? List out any lending markets, CDPs, Balancer pools, and other integrations.


Tell us more about the project team - is the team doxed?

Can at least two people be seen publicly working on the project?

Is there any prior history of nefarious activity?


Does the project documentation provide insightful information for developers and researchers?

Are all deployed contracts linked to their respective Etherscan page?

Are all multi-sig addresses included?

Admin Controls

Is the project open about the multi-sig control for their smart contracts?

Where can this information be found?

How intuitive is it for the average user?

Liquidity Bootstrapping

Will the stablecoin/LST provide some liquidity to OUSD/OETH to bootstrap the TVL? If so, how much?


Can be binary, or have multiple options with a "No" option. Please also add an abstain option.

  • Yes - Approve [collateral name]

  • No - Do not approve [collateral name]

  • Abstain

Unsure of the voting type to use? Check out this handy Snapshot guide.

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